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We are an established RIBA Chartered architecture and interior design practice working on a wide range of sectors across the UK, from our design studios in Birmingham and Manchester. 

DomesticResidential - Workplace - Education - Hospitality - Retail - Extra Care - Industrial - Community & Arts

the  stressed or emphatic) 9. (usually stressed) the best, only, or most remarkable:

space (speIs) n. 1. the unlimited three-dimensional expanse in which all material objects are located. Related adj.: spatial. 3. a blank portion or area. 4.a. unoccupied area or room. Related adj.: spacious.


studio ('stju:dI,eµ) n., pl. -dios. 1. a room in which an artist, photographer, or musician works. Related to studious ('stju:dIes) adj. 1. given to study. 2. of a serious, thoughtful, and hard-working character. 3. showing deliberation, care, or precision. 4. an interactive and creative environment

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12566 RIBA West Midlands Awards-Winner.png

Most Innovative Architecture Practice 2023 - BUILD Architecture Awards

​RIBA London: Building of the Year 2021 

RIBA Regional Award 2021

2021 Civic Trust Awards:

Chicago Athenaeum Award 2021

RICS: Social Impact Award 2020

AJ100 Building of the Year 2020

American Institute of Architects UK Design Award 2020


Schueco Awards 2020: Overall Winner & Best Steel Project

2020 Design & Build Awards: 2020's Award for Excellence in Innovation - Birmingham

LABC Building Excellence Awards 2019 Regional Winner for Best Extension or Alteration to Existing Home

2016 Birmingham Civic Society Renaissance Award

LABC Building Excellence Awards 2012 Winner for Domestic Conversion or Extension 

LABC Building Excellence Awards 2010 Winner for Domestic Conversion or Extension 

BdI Industry & Genius Awards 2007 Commendation


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