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Work Placements

Kevin W Singh, reviewing work by archtiecture and interior design students and graduates

We welcome University students for our 2 week long work experience placements. We strive to give these students 'real experience' on live projects.


University students, students from abroad, and those between jobs/careers are welcome to apply.  Due to the huge popularity of our placement programme, we regret that we are no longer able to offer this scheme to school pupils. Please note that this is a merit based selection process and not all candidates are accepted. 

To be put forward for consideration please send a CV, covering letter and a few examples of your work to


“This work placement served as a very beneficial introduction into this industry; through it, I gained real life experience on live projects I couldn’t gain anywhere else. Working in the studios open plan office was very useful, showing me how architects work as a unit and what an office is like for one. During my time I was able to participate a site visit, gauging how to interact with clients and how to survey an area initially. Also I helped develop concepts and designs in order to create a feasibility study that would be presented to the client and also receiving it for my own personal portfolio. The experience was wonderful, thank you for the opportunity!”

Nicholas Morrison

“During my two week placement at the space* studio, I gained a better understanding of what it is like working in practice, and how the skills learnt at university can be directly applied to real projects. It was interesting to gain an understanding of the different planning stages to a project and I gained a better understanding of different softwares used. I am thankful to have had this opportunity and really enjoyed the experience."

Harpinder Sihra

“In my time at the space* studio, I gained a real insight into the workings of an Architectural Practice. Whilst there, I was given the opportunity to create visuals for live clients and experiment with floor plans. Being able to visit sites of current projects and join in on project meetings allowed me to gain such an experience that isn't achievable from university. I really enjoyed my placement and a massive thank you for the opportunity!"

Hannah Border

“Within the two weeks of my placement at the space* studio, I learnt a great deal of the sector of work I hope to be in one day. I expanded my knowledge on software I was lightly familiar with such as Vectorworks and Sketch up. I was pushed out of my comfort zone by staff and taken on site visits, whilst producing work for real clients. This was a fantastic experience and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity!”

Rameetha Hussain

"I spent a week at the space studio as work experience having had no previous background knowledge of any architectural work. Whilst there, I learnt a wide range of skills including drawing floor plans by hand and on Vectorworks and also using other software (such as SketchUp). During the week I was helped by every member of staff who all have a wealth of knowledge in their respective areas. I really enjoyed this experience and would like to do it again in the future. Thankyou!"

Michaela Barker

'Having the opportunity to learn at The Space* Studio was great. Being the first architectural work experience I had, I learned that architecture isn't just about design but includes a great deal of planning, talking to clients, going on site visits, and a lot of hours spent glaring at a computer screen.  Whilst I was there I was given a current job file and asked to come up with floor plans, having the chance to listen in on a client meeting. From this I used Vectorworks to create floorplans and 3D models. The staff were also very nice, almost as good as the coffee and tea.'

Ahmed Hamid

"Despite only being a few weeks during summer, my time at The Space* Studio gave me a real insight into what a job in an Architectural Practice would be like. It was great being set in an open-plan office and having the opportunity to work closely with the other employee’s. I always felt comfortable in asking questions and my knowledge, especially on things such as building regulations improved vastly. I also felt a sense of responsibility working on real, live projects that were in-progress in the office. At the end of my time I was given the opportunity to present the feasibility study I’d been working on to the client. This was a great experience in both learning and improving my communication skills and following part of the process of designing a building from drawings to construction".

Natalie Marsh

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