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Vinappris, Fort Dunlop, Birmingham
Interior design for new wine bar

Our concept design secured the much in demand retail space at Fort Dunlop with our client and was developed into a stunning and finely crafted interior that formed a living, breathing backdrop to Vinappris TV.

Vinappris TV, the Sky TV channel, educated viewers about the wine as well as selling it. The bar provided live television pictures, from time to time focusing on customer wine tasting sessions. The design featured a giant, floating, slatted canopy reminiscent of a wine cellar and a glass enclosed refrigerated wall of wine which chills both red and white wine to perfect temperatures, accessible by sliding library style ladders. The design dealt with a huge number of mechanical and electrical requirements by hiding or displaying them where appropriate in keeping with the industrial aesthetic of Fort Dunlop. The bar area itself is lit by a huge light-table like canopy from which wine glass storage is suspended.

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