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Becta Offices
Interior Design of Office Building

Our client was a Government Agency that leads the national drive to inspire and lead the effective and innovative use of technology throughout learning. We were commissioned for the interior design work of this 24,000 sq ft 2 storey office building following a competitive interview.

T​he workplace is to encourage collaboration and be inclusive, be free of clutter yet provide a sense of belonging to each member of staff. Our proposal has a series of central hubs which not only articulate the floor plates but also group together essential items such personal storage, copiers, stationery, and refreshments. These feature hubs also provide both formal and informal breakout spaces. ​Elsewhere, a variety of glass fronted meeting rooms provide private / quiet spaces, and a separate cafe space is also provided to encourage a sense of community. The reception area is naturally a focus and will features a series of showcases set within a curved wall.

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