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Our Values

what we do

Founded in 2000 with studios in Birmingham and Manchester, we are an innovative and vibrant, well-established RIBA Chartered Practice that offers contemporary new build architectural, refurbishment, and commercial interior design services. We have a strong design-led portfolio across numerous sectors including; commercial, residential, domestic, affordable housing, extra care, higher & further education, retail, and hospitality & leisure.


We aim to raise the level of design ambition on any project regardless of the size and budget. We work budgets very hard indeed with a vision of improving people’s environments and consequently their lives.

design drivers

Plato wrote: “Necessity, who is the mother of invention” which means that difficult situations inspire ingenious solutions. We are concerned with things which influence design, in effect, design drivers, whether it be a something intangible like a concept, memory, symbolism or an experience, or something which is physical and real such as our environment, technology, tectonics, transport, manufacturing or the way people inhabit buildings. 



We believe in simultaneous design, zooming in and out of a project and switching between the conceptual and the practical because design is a verb and not just a noun. Good design is all encompassing and happens at all scales and our work often crosses over into other design disciplines. Once the design principals are set, we a strive for design rigor, the DNA of a design proposal to ensure that the ‘parts’ of the design have a synergy and a resonance with the ‘whole’. It is this consistency of approach which we think defines something as “Designed” rather than merely “Built”.


sustainability goals

We are committed to doing the best we can to provide our clients with design solutions that have sustainability in mind and aim to help make a positive impact on environment and wellbeing both in our projects and within our own studios.

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs: Sustainable Development Goals

it’s a team game

Alongside our design process we are fully committed to a collaborative and partnering attitude where clear communication is critical. We work with a strong team of consultants and statutory bodies and tackle environmental and technical issues at an early stage of a project when fundamental decisions are made. This pre-empts problems and encourages efficiency and best value.



We have an enthusiastic, pro-active and talented team. We are client focused, flexible, reliable and consistent, and very passionate about our work. Our design studios are friendly and dynamic places where loyalty and a team ethic are valued. People really enjoy working with us!

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